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Dr. Melissa Przeklasa Auth M.D.


Electroencephalogram (EEG) Testing

Diagnostic testing for Seizures

What type of Electroencephalogram (EEG) is being performed?

Dr. Przeklasa Auth will generally order a "routine sleep deprived EEG” (95819) or an “ambulatory EEG” (95951, 95957). These studies take place in our EEG suite in our office.

How long does an EEG take?

Both routine sleep deprived and ambulatory electroencephalograms take approximately 30 minutes for the electrodes to be placed. A routine EEG will take place in the office and last a total of 60-90 minutes including hook-up and clean-up.

An ambulatory electroencephalogram requires a patient to go home wearing the electrodes for 48 hours.

What does "sleep deprivation" mean?

For routine electroencephalograms, we prefer that the patients be sleep deprived. This will make an electroencephalogram more sensitive in that some abnormalities are more likely to be seen when a person is sleep deprived. Also, some abnormalities are only seen during sleep. Sleep deprivation makes it more likely that a child will sleep during part of the study. The night before the study, please do not give any over-the-counter medications prior to the study (Benadryl, NyQuil, etc.).

Sleep Deprivation Age Guidelines

     0 to 3 months: bring in your baby sleepy; bring bottle, diaper change, sleep aids (pacifier, etc.).

     4 to 6 months: put child to bed at their normal time and wake two hours before normal time. Plan on giving your child their first morning bottle in the EEG lab. Bring bottle and sleep aids.

     7 to 11 months: put child to bed two hours after normal bedtime and wake two hours before normal wake time. Bring bottle to have at the EEG lab. No morning naps before testing.

     1 to 4 years: put child to bed three hours after normal bedtime and wake two hours before normal wake time. No morning naps before testing.

     5 to 9 years: let child sleep for 1/2 normal amount of sleep.

     10 to 17 years: child stays up essentially all night. May nap from midnight till 4 AM.

     Over 18 years: child stays up all night.

What is the fee for the testing?

There are two fees generated for the Routine EEG test. The technical fee charged by Dr. Przeklasa Auth is code 95819. The second fee charged is for Dr. Przeklasa Auth to read and review the EEG.

There are two fees generated for the Ambulatory EEG Test. The technical and reading fee IS charged by Dr. Przeklasa Auth per 24-hours, code 95951M and the Digital Analysis of the EEG is code 95957.

These fees will be billed to your medical insurance company. You will be responsible for any portion of the negotiated rate that is not paid to Dr. Przeklasa Auth (for example if you have a deductible or the testing is "not covered" by your insurance). You may want to check with your insurance company prior to testing to assure that you don't get an unexpected bill.

When will we get the EEG results?

Dr. Przeklasa Auth will usually read your Routine EEG by Friday of the week it is performed. Ambulatory EEG equipment is typically returned to the office on Monday, and it may take Dr. Przeklasa Auth 7 days to complete the reading. If the EEG is normal, you will receive a call from the office. For any abnormal findings, Dr. Przeklasa Auth's office will arrange for a follow-up appointment.